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Services and Rates

From First inspiration to final polish, I can help you get your story across the finish line. 


This is the most common service needed by authors. A copyedit of your book will evaluate basic grammar, punctuation, and syntax as well as check for inconsistencies, believablity, and incorrect facts. 

A copyedit assumes that your manuscript is in good shape in terms of plot and character—it includes a sentence-level polish to make sure your story shines through. 


The first fifteen

For a querying author, first impressions are everything. If you're not ready for a full manuscript edit but want to make sure those opening pages shine, this economical option is just what you need. This service includes an edit and evaluation of the first 15 pages of your book and a phone call to talk about the larger story and submission process. 

The First Fifteen is a service designed for authors who are querying with a partial submission, who don't have funds available for a full edit, or who just want a little extra help with the process of submitting to agents.


This is the final step before a manuscript goes out into the world. The proofreader scours the text with a fine-toothed comb in search of errors (spelling, grammar, formatting, punctuation) that might have slipped through. 

Proofreading is an essential last step for making a work clean and professional. It's the moment when a manuscript turns into a book


Editorial Letter

An editorial letter provides you with a clear evaluation of your manuscript. It will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the plot, characterization, world, and writing of your book. It will include some suggestions for how to address possible problems, but focuses on evaluating what you have already done. Then the work of fixing things is left up to you!

This is a great option for an author who has finished a draft of a manuscript and wants a second opinion on what challenges lie ahead in the next pass. 


developmental edit

A developmental edit looks at the big picture: It covers content, theme, structure, and style, and will include specific suggestions to improve the depth and quality of your book. A developmental edit includes detailed, in-line corrections and suggestions, along with an editorial letter.

This service is most helpful for a writer in the early stages of a project, or someone who is stuck and needs some help pulling together a difficult story. 


Research is essential for any writer tackling a time or place that they have not experienced firsthand. Let me help you get it right. I have a PhD in 18th and 19th century literature, and a knack for diving into the events and cultures of the past. 

This service changes based on the needs of a particular text. Sometimes it will simply be light research about a specific event in history, or sometimes an author will need help making the entirety of a historical world authentic. Contact me to discuss your needs and we'll craft the research plan that's right for your book.


Whether you are writing a blog post, an academic article, or something else entirely, I would love to help you craft your work. I will help to make sure that your ideas are clearly articulated in a voice that is your own. Please contact me with information about the type of editorial help you need, and I will send you a quote.