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Author Testimonials


Mary Auxier is my secret weapon. Her masterful edits and brainstorms brought clarity and focus to a manuscript I’d been struggling with for years. Mary was so essential to my reaching the finish line, I now can’t imagine completing a book without her!
— -Siobhan Vivian, New York Times Bestselling Author of *The List*
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Mary Auxier is sensitive, smart, thorough, and always fun to work with. She has a singular eye for detail and an impeccable ear for the bum notes. She’s greatly improved my book and my writing.
— Aoife Lennon-Ritchie, Author & Literary Agent

I’m obviously biased, but Mary is the smartest reader that I’ve ever met. Every word I release into the world passes under her careful eye. I truly don’t know how I could write without her collaboration, insight, and guidance.
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I never thought of writing as a skill I possessed, but my recent experience with an editor taught me otherwise. One might think that an editor is just about spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. And yet, I discovered since I started working with Mary Auxier that working with an editor is also about motivation, inspiration, and coaching.
— Michael Steiner, Co-Founder, Your Global Strategy